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        Centrifugal Pumps
    We are vast experienced company expertise for Centrifugal Pump set. We offer Kirloskar (pioneer of Pumps in India) make most energy efficient engineering pumps ranging from 0.25kW to 4000kw, of various type depends on application as below.
      01. Horizontal Split Casing Centrifugal Pump (HSCF)
      02. Vertical turbine Pumps (VT)
      03. Eng Suction Pump
      04. Mix Flow Pump
      05. Multi Stage Pump
      06. Non clog Pump
      07. Sewage Submersible Pump
      08. Flood proof pump(Allow operation in dry & wet conditions)
      09. Engine operate fire pump
      10. De watering / Dredging pump
        Water / Sewage Submersible Pump
    We offer "AQUA" make energy efficient, rugged application, Water & Sewage / Waste Water Submersible pumps up to 600HP/3.3KV power supply" and add 7th & 8th pump type ( Sewage Submersible Pump & Flood proof pump).
      01. Dewatering submersible pump(AM)
      02. Sewage Submersible pump(ANS )
      03. Dry pit installation flood proof submersible pump(ANFP)
      04. Submerged Centrifugal Pump(ARS)
      05. Floating Pontoon mounted Submersible Pump
      06. Submersible Dredging & slurry pump.(ADS)
    We offer Kirloskar / equivalents make various valves different applications as below:
      01. Sluice Valve (up to 2200mm NB)
      02. Non Return Valve (up to 2200mm NB)
      03. Butterfly Valve (up to 2500mm NB)
      04. Sluice Gate valve (up to 5000mm NB)
      05. Knife Gate Valve (up to 1100mm NB)
      06. Kinetic Air Valve with isolation valve
      07. Gate Valve (up to 2500mm NB)
        Pipes & Fittings
    We offer Mild Steel / Cast Iron / Stain Less Steel pipe & standard fittings / special fittings with international quality standard.
        Chain Pulley Blocks

    We offer Indef make following material handling equipments matching international quality standards.

    Electric Hoist
      01. Chain pulley block (up to 10 MT)
      02. Chain electric Hoist (up to 20MT)
      03. Electric Wire hoist ( up to 20MT)
      04. Rack type Store application Material handling system
      05. Winch (Manual / electric)
        Mobile Pumping Unit (Mobile Dewotech)
    We offer unique designed Mobile pumping station called “Mobile DEWOTECH the machine with multipurpose utility as below:
      01. De water / De silting sewage manhole for underground drainage system.
      02. Used as power backup unit (up to 3ph. 35HP)
      03. De Watering of sludge / muddy water from construction site.
      04. Available with heavy duty non clog submersible pump, do not require priming of pump.
      05. Also available with tower lighting arrangement for breakdown job / construction site / highway construction site.
      06. Most useful for remote site work where power supply not available.
        DG Sets
    We offer DG set in 1Ph / 3Ph ratings up to 2000kVA.
        Captive Power Plants
    We provide complete captive power plant operated on natural / Bio Gas rating up to 5000kVA.
        Transformer Oil Filter Machines
    We provide transformer oil filter machine capacity up to 10,000 Liter/hour.
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    Electrical Products
        Induction Motors
    We offer most energy efficient different kind of Induction motors for various applications as below.
      01. Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor (TEFC)
      02. Gear Motor
      03. Crane Duty Motor
      04. D.C. Motor
      05. Brush less Alternator
      06. Slip ring motor
        Transformers (Dry/Oil Type)
    We offer most energy efficient Oil cooled / dry type Transformers in 11kV / 22 kV/ 33 kV / 66kV voltage up to 20MVA rating.
        Switch Yard Equipments
    We offer total accessories range related to Switch yard up to 220KV.
        HT Circuit Breakers / Panels
    We offer High Tension (HT) vacuum Circuit Breakers available in 11kV / 22 kV/ 33 kV / 66kV option in series of battery panel as per client specification.
        LT P.C.C. & M.C.C. Panel
    We do design, manufacturing, supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning of all type of control panel board based on your utilities like
      01. MCC Panel
      02. PCC Panel
      03. APFC Panel
      04. Starter Panel
      05. Battery Charger Panel
      06. Soft Starter Panel
      07. VFD Panel
      08. PLC Panel
      09. HT VCB Panel etc.
        HT/LT Cables & Accessories
      01. Aluminum / Copper Conductor Cable in all type of insulation
      02. Aluminum / Copper Bus bars alley up to 10,000A
      03. Termination Materials like Cable Glad ,Lugs & Jointing Kits
        Cable Tray
    Hot Deep galvanized Ladder / perforate cable tray available in various sizes of width x height up to 1000mm width
        Earthing Materials
    We provide following earthing materials.
      01. Plate type earthing (Copper/Hot Deep G.I.)
      02. Pipe type earthing
      03. Pipe in Pipe type long durable earthing for sensitive system like telephone Exchange, communication tower etc.
      04. Mash type earthing for HT switch yard
      05. Earthing Strips (Copper / Hot deep GI)
      06. Earth Testing Meter
        Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
    Most advance VFD available for motor rating up to 600KW.
        Soft Starters
    Soft Starter to reduce the kick load, allow soft starting of motor, increase life of related switch gear and reduce the excess rating for selection of switch gears.
        Harmonics Filters
    A harmonic filter is used to eliminate the harmonic distortion caused by appliances. Harmonics are currents and voltages that are continuous multiples of the fundamental frequency of 50/60 Hz such as 100/120 Hz (2nd harmonic) and 250/300 Hz (5th harmonic).
        Electrical Metering Devices
    As the first line of defense against costly power problems, they can perform the work of an entire wall of legacy metering equipment utilizing today's technology.
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        Innovative Lighting Products
      01. Fiber Optic Lighting
      02. LED Lighting
      03. T5 FTLs for Indoor Lighting
      04. Solar Lighting Systems
        All types of Light Fittings
    We provide all type of industrial light fitting range as below:
      01. Flood Light fitting
      02. Halogen light fitting
      03. Low bay / High bay Fitting
      04. Street light fitting
      04. LED fitting
      05. Indoor type decorative light fitting
        Fiber Optic Lighting
        LED Lighting
        T5 FTLs for Indoor Lighting
        Solar Lighting Systems
        Street Light pole (long/short/medium height )
    Tubular Pole
    Octagonal Pole
        Decorative Pole  
        High mast Pole  
        RCC pole  


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        Water Treatment Chemicals
        Chlorine Dioxide


  • Building Automation ProductsOpen or Close
        Building Energy Management System
        Sensors for Lighting, Occupancy, Indoor Air Quality, Security
        Hotel Room Automations
        Home Automations
        HVAC Automations