• Water Pumping Station Open or Close
    Portable water is the basic need of any society, town or city. We undertake the turnkey contract for Water Pumping Station for concern Government departments.
    Scope of Work
      Our scope of work :S.I.T.C.( Supply , Erection, Testing & Commissioning ) of Electrical –Mechanical equipments like Centrifugal / submersible Pump motor sets up to 450KW, Piping and manifold system with Valves up to 1200mm dia., over head crane up to 12.5MT, cable, control panel board, HT Sub stations contains Transformers up to 3000KVA, VCB, Double Pole Structure etc. on turnkey base. We have finished similar many projects, supplying water to villages, towns and cities of Gujarat state. List of some projects is for your reference.
    Rajkot Municipal Corporation, Water Works Department, Rajkot
    Nyari Filter Plant
    Bajarangwadi Pumping Station
    Surat Municipal Corporation, Water Works Department, Surat
    South East-1(Dindoli)
    South East-4 (Godadra)
    E.Point (Variav)
    South East-3 (Vadod)
    East-3 (Magob)
    Jamanagar Municipal Corporation, Water Works Department, Jamanagar
    Sasoi Dam
    Gujarat Water Supply & Sewerage Board (G.W.S.&S.B.)
    Different Locations of Regional Water Supply Scheme at Gujarat
    Executed Poject
    Chawand: Amreli
    Chandrapura Kampa: Palanpur
    Chandrapura Kampa: Palanpur
    Netra-Jakhu-Jangadiya: Bhuj
    Hapa-Bhatiya: Jamnagar
    Ambaghata Satlasana: Palanpur
    Adbasa :Bhuj
    Botad By pass: Bhavngar
    Gaypagla :Surat
    Savli- Vadodara
    Project Under Execution
    Rohishala: Bhavnagar
    Gadhada: Bhavanagar
    Hiran Dam: Junagadh
    Umarpda: Surat
    South Nizar: Surat
    Tankara Dam: Bhavanagar
    Nagar Palika
  • Waste Water Pumping Station Open or Close
    To handle the sewage / effluent from domestic or industrial area is the part of basic infra structure of any residential or industrial area. We undertake the turnkey contract for Water Pumping Station for concern Government departments.
    Scope of Work
      Our scope of work : S.I.T.C.( Supply , Erection, Testing & Commissioning ) of Electrical /Mechanical equipments like Non clog centrifugal / submersible Pump motor sets up to 300HP , Piping and manifold system with Valves up to 1200mm dia., over head crane up to 10MT, cable, control panel board, HT Sub stations contains Transformers up to 3000KVA, VCB, Double Pole Structure etc. on turnkey base. We have finished similar many projects, handling the sewage / effluent water from towns , cities & industrial area of Gujarat state. List of some projects is for your reference.
    Our Expertise
    We have finished the projects with best workmanship, within shortest possible time as per client utmost satisfaction.
    Surat Municipal Corporation, Drainage Department, Surat
    Locations of various S.P.S.(Sewage Pumping Station) Projects
    Executed Poject
    Salabatpura, Varachha Khadi, Paras Tunki, Adajan, Athwa, Karanj, Pandesara, New Anjana, Pal-Palanpur, Vesu-ONGC, Vesu-Main, Kosad Rly., Mota Varachha GEB, Utran,
    Project Under Execution
    Magob,Puna Simada, Vadod-Viav, Godadra, Parvat, Dindoli, Sonari, Variav SPS, Variav STP, Modification at Umra South & Navagam
  • Water Supply Project at PALOpen or Close
    For providing the water supply to the area of Pal and nr. L.P. Savani, the pumping stations was made to distribute the clear water to the people in this Ares. This is a hi-Tech pumping station can connect through Laptop/Compute/Mobile through satellite and can operate/monitor/control from anywhere in world through SACA network.
        Scope of Work Details
    We have done the electro mechanical work of related machineries for pumping stations.During inauguration, Hon. C.M. was highly impressed by the quality of work done and he has immediately instructed to the C.E.O. of SUDE to appreciate the concern contractors for their excellent work.

    Immediate after completion of the inauguration ceremony, SUDA CEO has honored us with the work excellence certificate.

    M/s Flowmore Pump Pvt. Ltd.-Delhi. (Manufacturer of Pumps)


  • Water Supply Project at AhmadabadOpen or Close
    Inauguration of Vyaswadi Water Pumping Station at AMC, Ahmadabad.

    M/s Flowmore Pump Pvt. Ltd.-Delhi. (Manufacturer of Pumps)


  • Electrical Project at PISAD S.P.S.Open or Close
        Project Description
    To manage the drainage network, SMC has installed almost 28 Sewage Pumping Stations in Surat city in various. We are involved in almost 70% of developments of new area developments and  one of that Sewage Pumping station at PISAD Nr. Olpad road is made by us .
    This is a pumping stations can operate and review on Lapto / mobile/ computer  any were in world through satellite and can control and monitor at centralize control room through SCADA network.
        Scope of Work Details
    Our scope is Designing, procurement, supplying and installation of all electrical equipments related to the system.

    This project was inograted by Hin. Minister of Industry Mr. Nitin Patel and Hon. Mayor Mr. Kanubhai Mavani.


  • Mobile Pumping Unit (Mobile DEWOTECH)Open or Close
    This is our own conceptual design machine for cleaning of sewage manhole as well as providing multipurpose facilities at constructional site like Dewatering solution, standby power supply, lighting tower etc.
        Scope of Work
    We provide capsule design submersible pumps with control panel board, 1Ton mono rail crane, with power backup solution (D.G. Set) mounted on heavy duty trolley can be toe with vehicle.
        Our Expertise
    We have supplied such machine to S.M.C. and proven very useful to dewater the 21 nos. of sewage pumping station and two Sewage Treatment Plant, while last 100Yrs. Largest flood.
        Scope of Work Details
    We offer unique designed Mobile pumping station called “Mobile DEWOTECH the machine with multipurpose utility as below:
      01. De water / De silting sewage manhole for underground drainage system.
      02. Used as power backup unit (up to 3ph. 35HP)
      03. De Watering of sludge / muddy water from construction site.
      04. Available with heavy duty non clog submersible pump, do not require priming of pump.
      05. Also available with tower lighting arrangement for breakdown job / construction site / highway construction site.
      06. Most useful for remote site work where power supply not available.
  • Annual Maintenance ContractsOpen or Close
    All Government & Public Sector Unit has adopted the policy of PPP approach (Public Private Partnership) for improving the quality of basic services to be provided to public. As a result, outsourcing of jobs like Annual Contract for Operation & maintenance of Electro-Mechanical equipments of water supply, pumping of waste water and Sewage / effluent treatment plant is require doing through expert agencies.
    Scope of Work
      Our scope include to operate all the electro-mechanical equipments including preventive maintenance and repairing through proper experience manpower and running the system effectively and giving interrupted services to the public.
    Surat Municipal Corporation
    Scope of Work
      Annual Operation & Maintenance of Electrical Mechanical equipments as mentioned below at Katargam Booster, Umarwada Booster & Khatodara booster pump house.
      2750 kVA transformers
      630A Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panel
      HSCF Pump coupled with 250HP Motor
      Vertical Turbine Pump coupled with 300HP Motor
      MCC Control Panel & ATS starter panel
      HT/LT Cable, termination, Jointing kits
      Indoor & Outdoor Lighting System
      Chlorination System
      5 MT Over Head crane with electric hoist.
      Filling of water tanker to match urgent water requirement.
    Completion Period
      2009-10 (12 Months); 2011-12 (24 Months)
    Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation
    Scope of Work
      Annual Operation & Maintenance of Effluent Collecting Pumping Stations Network of Vapi GIDC Area.
    Completion Period
      2004-06 & 2008 to 2010 (36 Months)
    Surat Municipal Corporation
    Scope of Work
      Annual Operation & Maintenance of 62 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant at Anjana S.T.P.
    Completion Period
      2007-08 (24 Months)
    Bharuch Eco-aqua Infrastructure Ltd. (BAIL), Ankleshwar
    Scope of Work
      Annual Operation & Maintenance of various Mechanical installations at 62 MLD Effluent treatments Plant.
    Completion Period
      2007-08 (12 Months)
    Krishak Bharti Co-operative Ltd.-Hazira, Surat
    Scope of Work
      Annual Maintenance contract for various electrical-mechanical installations of Jetty to handled fertilizer from ship at KRIBHCO, fertilizer factory- Hazira.
    Completion Period
      Under Execution
  • Electrical Project at KRIBHCO-JETTY Open or Close
        Project Description
    KRIBHCO-HAZIRE is Govt. undertaking organisaiton manufacturing Urea and supplying to all over India. It is the larget company in India manufacturing the Urea. They have another factory in OMAN for same producing unit and shifting the Urea through Ship to their HAzira Jeety. Here they are storing the urea in large shed and doing packaging and distributing to all over India.
        Scope of Work Details
    Our scope is Designing and detail Engineering  of electrical system of project, procurement, supplying and installation of all electrical equipments related to the system.

    We were involved in
    1). Cabling work
    2). HT Substation work
    3). Designing and installing Totally Lighting work
    4). Domestic Wiring work
    5). Street lighting of approach roads etc.
    M/s Yojaka India Pvt. Ltd., Manglore (Civil Contractor)
        Our Speciality
    Due to monsoon the civil work of project is delayed and expecting the delay of getting 1st ship then schedule. But we have compressed our execution time and complete the job related to electrical work within 2 months (50% of schedule timing) time and resulting commission of project by transferring the 1st ship urea as per schedule.


  • Over Head Crane (HOT/ EOT)Open or Close
        Project Description
    We undertake the project of material handling through over head crane. As per client requirement we offer the over head crane with manual OR electrical operate hoisting arrangement with variety of operating combination. Our offered cranes are following India standard for design and testing.
        Scope of Work Details
    Design, manufacturing, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Over head crane / monorail crane with hoisting arrangement as per client requirement.


  • Land Reclamation at SHELL-HAZIRA Open or Close
    This is use for development of land on sea shore by filling of sand naturally. Shell Oil India Lt. want to develop land on Hazira Port for their commercial port project .
    View of Hazira Jetty where Gas has taken in Liquid form, store in huge tanks and distribute in Gasious form.

    We have done the Electro-Mechanical related work in association with Civil contractor .
    In the cycle of 24Hrs. in the sea, 2 time (almost 4Hrs. per cycle ) high tide come and water level come up almost 18 to 20 feet high on the ground level. We have to make necessary preparation for the low tide time during this time. Work was going on 24Hrs round the clock by 2 separate teams. Almost 72 people were engaged for this work and it was first project of its kind done by any India company.

    We have completed the job within 26working days.

    After successfully completion of this project, so many other companies are planning for such project  in nearby feature.

        OUR SCOPE
    Filling of GEO tube with dredging method, Preparation of lighting and power supply arrangement for all the pump sets and working site (500mtr.) inside the sea area, preparation of pipe line for filing sand with water, Manage the reserve water from jetty are for 8Hrs. operation etc.


  • Solid Waster Transfer Station Open or Close
        Project Description
    Normally, domestic solid waste was handled in open trucks, which was resulting bad odor  to the public on city and spilling of waste make lots of trouble to civilization of city.

    To provide the hygienic living conditions to public, Govt. has decided to adopt the latest machineries to handled Solid Waste. Hence, is decided to import the “Waste compactor” machine from U.K. and to handled the compact solids in totally closed container result saving of transportation cost also. Such machines are recently installed 2nd time in India for such utility.

    We have done that job for  installation of the Waste Compactor with related equipments at Pal and BHESTAN Transfer Stations of Surat. Bhetan Transfer Station is recentally innograted by Hon. Minister of Industries Mr. Nitin Patel on 16th Feb.2012.

    Another  Work is going on at Varachha area Nr. Bombay Market  at transfer Station.
         CAM - AVIDA - Pune


  • Flood Projection at WEIR CUM COZWAY Open or Close
        Description of Work

    Surat is the city on the bank of river Tapti, on the down side of Ukai dam Nr. Arabian Sea.
    During monsoon season, due to heavy rain on upstream side, often this city faces the flooding problem. During last 12 Yrs, at every 4 yrs. cycle, this city has faced the problem of flooding.
    To control the situation, SMC has made raised walls (PALA) around the periphery of river  bank and on the weir cum coz way two nos. of big flood gates were made to allow the traffic to pass through opposite bank of River Tapti at Rander & Singanpore Side.

    These gates are with latest technology and fully automatic require high skill to operate and maintain.
        Scope of Work

    As its very responsible work and related to the Public life, after scrutinizing the detail analysis of our technical capability and infrastructure, SMC has allotted us the job of Annual Operation and Maintenance of Flood protection gate of Weir cum Coz way for 5 Yrs.
    Moreover, we are given controlling the flood by putting large size pumps on almost 24 flood gates on periphery of river Tapti from Varachha to Vesu area.

    During flooding situation when  water level in Tapti river goes high, we have to monitor the situation, close the gate and drained the rain water collected inside the city area through large size pump.


  • 500Kw Biogas Base PowerplantOpen or Close
        Project Description
    By Ministry of Non conventional energy, they to reduce the carbon emission in environment to reduce Carbon effect, the unique Project of producing the Power from City’s domestic sewage water, the plant is installed of capacity 500KW at Anjana Sewage Treatment Plant of SMC, Surat.
        Scope of Work Details
    Necessary plants & machineries are import from the various country of world like Engine Bio Gas Holder from Ostria, other minor equipments from India etc.

    We has done the erection of all these equipments as per best engineering practice and  plant is running at highest efficiency and saving almost 3 to 4 lacs of SMC’s electricity bill er months without any fuel cost.

    Moreover, this is such machine that, the exhaust of the engine can utilize to produce saturated steam( can use for process industries) or for Air conditioning of building, without extra fuel cost.

    After successful running of this plant team from WHO has visited the site and appreciated the project. Then Govt. of India has made this plant as model and offering the subsidy for such plant in all over India.

    Monitoring today’s scenario for problem of fuel like COAL /GAS for producing the power, such projects make very important role now onwards.
  • Erection of Heavy Machineries / EquipmentsOpen or Close
        Project Description
    We do the erection of following kind of heavy equipments / machineries through well equipped & most experience team of erector with best engineering practice.
      • Diffuser
      • Solid Waste Compactors
      • Power plant equipments
      • Blowers
      • Cooling Tower
      • Flair Structure
      • Centrifugal Pumping System
      • Effluent Treatment Plant equipments.
      • Water Treatment Plant equipments.
      • Structural Fabrication work.
      • Shed fabrication.
      • M.S. / C.I./ D.I. Pipes & fittings
      • Flood Protection / Open Channel Sluice Gates
      • Fire Fighting System.
        Scope of Work
    Design, fabrication, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of heavy equipments as per client requirement.