Power Plant


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Power Plant

Worldwide, there is considerable emphasis on renewable sources of energy while conserving conventional sources like fossil fuel, thermal and hydro-electric energy.

Where we, Lakhani Engineers and Organisation have expertise in managing and executing projects for power plant engineering companies, driving successful projects with processes that ensure quality deliverables and minimize lead time. We help our customers reduce the time to market, maximize capacity, improve product performance life, maximize revenue generation and reduce the cost of product development.

We are registered as a Class “B” IBR contractor registered with Indian Boiler Regulation Authority.

We undertake the turnkey contract including designing, manufacturing, supply, Installation, Testing, and commissioning as well as yearly Renewal of all types of Boiler based on client utilities like:

Oil/Gas Fired Boiler:

We undertake all kinds of contracts for oil/gas-fired boilers up to 40 kg/cm2 pressure. We are also working on energy conservation of boiler to do give more efficiency with minimum operation cost. We are following best engineering practice as per IBR norms/ standard and as per site requirement.

Coal Fire Boiler:

We undertake all kind of ARC, AMC, &SITC work of coal fire boiler with minimum cost and higher energy efficiency. We are giving best solution to generate maximum amount of steam with minimum losses and making higher efficiency boiler.

Solid Fuel Fire Boiler:

we undertake supply, installation; testing & commissioning of wooden fire boiler. We are also providing operation and maintenance service, boiler accessories and its mounting supply and installation/maintenance work.

Steam boiler:

We undertake supply, installation, testing & commissioning of steam boiler as per IBR norms and standard. We also take care of boiler with maximum generation of steam without any other losses.

Boiler Piping:

We undertake supply and erection of various size of boiler tube with radiography test. We also do shut down/Breakdown job / boiler tube replacement work with minimum time and as per IBR rules and standard.