Mechanical Work


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Mechanical Work:

A. Sewage /Effluent Pumping Station:

A sewage /effluent system is made up of a network of MS / DI / CI / SS / CS/ SS pipes that carry sewage from domestic and industrial area to the main sewers/effluent through gravity mains.

However, in low-lying areas where the main sewer/ effluent sits on higher ground than the domestic sewage/ effluent pipes, the sewage /effluent needs to be transported to the main sewer in a different way. Also, the sewage comes through the gravity main to collecting sump, which needs to pump to the treatment plant through the rising main. This is where sewage/ effluent pumping stations come in to picture and also Lakhani Engineers & Org. comes into a role to transport sewage /Effluent water to treatment plants through various kinds of pumps like submersible pumps and Horizontal Non-clog Centrifugal pumps etc. with all relevant equipment like piping manifold, valves, Automatic/manual screens, Sluice gates, Overhead & monorail crane, etc. mechanical equipment.


We undertake Providing & Laying of water pipelines size up to 2200mm dia. Including necessary valves, surge analysis, surge protection system, water hammer control system etc.

Water Distributation System:

We undertake design, supply, erection and commissioning of water distribution system networks for drinking water & various industrial applications. Water distribution networks generally includes installation and commissioning of pumping systems, valves, control instruments Electrical, piping etc. We also undertake Operation & Maintenance work for water distribution & treatment systems.